13 abr 2011

Max Ernst (Loplop)

Loplop introduces Loplop, 1930

A creature called Loplop, a beaked figure who derives both from Max Ernst's own unforgettable presence and from the vulture that appears in the Virgin, Child and St. Anne by Leonardo da Vinci, Loplop is many things in one -host, impresario, barker, self-portrait and alternative self-. Max Ernst in 1930 described him ''a private phantom attached to my person, sometimes winged, invariably male''. As early as 1906, when he was 15 years old, Max Ernst had begun to confound the image of the human being with the image of the bird -Man Ray once produced a portrait called ''Max Ernst, Painter, Birdman''- and when that strange mating reached its apotheosis in Loplop, the man-bird turned into a one-person repertory company. John Russell, NY Times, 1983.

Loplop introduces a young girl, 1930

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